Harley - French Bulldog

We picked up Harley, our french bulldog puppy, last Friday evening (4 days ago). The first night he was nervous, but we put him in his crate and he slept undisturbed all night. No toileting or anything, but we slept downstairs to keep him company.

Despite this, when I woke up in the morning I felt a sudden rush of dread and an overwhelming fear of having to tend to him during the day. Since the first night we have been crate training him and he seems to not mind being in his crate, which is great progress but I’m worried about when we have to go back to work next Monday. Although we have people that will check on him every 2-3 hours I am scared that leaving him is going to cause distress.

I have begun to resent him and don’t enjoy spending any time with him. I regret getting him and I’m worried that I’m not going to be able to train him properly to develop into a loving companion.I so badly want to be at that stage now and skip the puppy part! I have no idea when my anxiety will subside but right now it doesn’t feel like it ever will.