Zeiss - Jack Russell Terrier

I just picked up my two-month-old Jack Russell last Sunday. I’ve always loved dogs and I wanted so badly to have one that I’ve been obsessing over it for the last several months. I already bought his collar, got lot of toys, read a ton of books, and was really looking foward to have this beautiful little thing with me.

The first day went great; when we let him in his bed, he only ‘cried’ for five minutes and then slept through the whole night. But, the second day, I felt really overwhelmed because I always expect to be able to do anything that I read—and considered dog ownership to be just the same! But, the reality is that he wants to be with me 24/7 (and I get it, it’s a baby), so I don’t know what to do. I try to play with him, but he just wants to snuggle or be around me. I can’t move more than two steps away.

At night, it was very difficult to calm him down and make him stay in his bed. I spent hours trying to put him to sleep and I finally was able to sleep until 5:00 in the morning when he woke up and started to cry. I live in an apartment, and I’m really stressed out because of the neighbors. My boyfriend picked him up and both ended up sleeping on the couch. Meanwhile, I spent the whole night with nightmares of him crying or having ‘accidents’ around the house because I’m not able to train him.

I’m really scared and feel such a weight on top of my stomach that I actually thought about taking him to the breeder again. I’m scared my parents and boyfriend think I’m weak or resent me because they really love it. I hate the idea of not being able to take care of this little puppy that I wished and wanted for so long. I feel totally lost.